News from Fullers Hill

Fullers Hill Cottages near Cambridge

We are very lucky at Fullers Hill Cottages near Cambridge as, not only are we treated to seeing the Hares on the airfield, but we also have a herd of Fallow deer that visit the farm on an occasional basis. The deer escaped from a local stately home some years ago (I do not know which one) and clearly made their way up to SW Cambridgeshire. They took up residence in the remote Hayley Wood that lies to the East of the farm. The deer lived in the wood for many years until the woodland was purchased by a nature trust, who opened the wood to the public. The deer […]


Wheat Harvest at Fullers Hill Cottages

Where did the wheat go? The Cambridge Holiday Cottages in the heart of the working farm at Fuller’s Hill Farm. The farm covers some 450ha of beautiful rolling countryside in SW Cambridgshire. The wheat harvest of 2012 will sadly go down in farming folk law as one of the worst in living memory.  The crop was one of the poorest yielding and worst quality that any living farmer can remember. At Fullers Hill Farm we did not produce a single ton of wheat that meet the basic quality standards for any use, not even for chicken feed. The most dis-appointing part of this was that in early June the wheat […]


Riding at Fullers Hill

Getting the Eventing Bug 2012 has been a busy year so far, with my daughter Tara embarking on her first season of Eventing. We have owned our 15 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding Pinocchio for three years, who has obligingly taken part in a variety of equestrian activities from Pony Club rallies and camp to hunter trials, show jumping and dressage. He’s what’s commonly known in  ‘horsespeak’ as a good all-rounder, a rather over-used term, but in his case absolutely true. He’ll turn his hoof to anything and always participates with a smile on his face (yes horses can smile when you really get to know them!) So 2012 seemed […]


The mill stones at Cambridge Holiday Cottages Fullers hill.

The mill stones at Cambridge Holiday Cottages. Two mill stones from separate sources have found there way to Fullers Hill Cottages and used as decoration in the yard. The oldest stone was recovered from Gamlingay wind mill on Potton road. In 1977 Mark Jefferies an employee at Fullers Hill Farm with Barry Sherman was sent to help Mr Les Barford a well known and liked local builder.  Mr Barford who owned the site as a builder’s yard needed the mill demolishing as it had become extremely unsafe. The mill was probably disused by 1922. I recall scaling a long ladder to attach a rope to some part of the structure […]


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