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Butlers With Bums

Butlers With Bums will add a cheeky twist to your celebrations, and keep you entertained with an array of party tricks – including hosting games, making cocktails and serving food & drinks… all whilst showing off their trademark chiselled physiques. All of their Naked Butlers are experienced, professional, friendly, in great shape and most importantly… irresistibly sexy! If you’re looking for service with a bit more than just a pretty smile, their hunky semi-naked buff butlers are the ideal choice. They will effortlessly serve drinks & canapés, mix up cocktails, have pictures taken with everyone, organise and suggest party games and most importantly they will have you smiling from ear to […]


Nude Life Drawing Class

Appreciate a modern masterpiece with a still life drawing hen party! If you’re looking for a unique activity and one that everyone can enjoy, why not add that breathtaking ‘wow factor’ with one of their stunning models? Once he’s arrived and given the usual butler’s welcome, their model will sit or stand for 1 whole hour – wearing as much or as little as you like, allowing you all to create your masterpieces with 3 different poses. Once the drawing has finished, your butler will choose a winner before serving drinks and posing for photos for an extra 30 minutes. Prices start from just £100 (depending on location). Quality A4 […]


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