World Car Free Day!

Car Free Day is observed annually on September 22 and The Environmental Transportation Association set the first European Car Free Day in 2000.

Take the bus. Walk. Ride a bike. Stay home.  But whatever you do, don’t travel by car on Car Free Day!  As a way to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, promote mass transit, cycling, and walking, Car Free Day was developed based on regular car free days that have been a long standing practice in Europe and Scandinavia.

Here at Fuller’s Hill Cottages, we can advise on fun and lovely things to do and places to go whilst leaving your car in the car park.

You could have a look at the walking pack in your cottage, which includes laminated maps and directions of some great local walks in the surrounding area which you can take out with you, including some lovely pubs enroute for you to stop at for some suitable refreshments. Walk alongside our fields towards Waresley Wood where you can see a beautiful carpet of Bluebells in March/April, blackberry picking in September, spot our tractors, trailers and combine harvesters in July and August, flowers and plants budding in the Spring, and view some beautiful, unspoilt countryside all around. Perfect for families, couples and your four-legged friends!


You could also check out the cycling pack, which is in each cottage, to look up some recommended cycle routes in the local area. Cycle routes are documented according to difficulty; easy – blue, moderate – red and very challenging – black!

We have also supplied our guests with a folder containing Park & Ride ideas and bus information on where to go and what to do in Cambridge City Centre, including routes, numbers, destinations, contacts and further information.



Alternatively, stay in your cottage all day and treat yourself to a spa day and enjoy some treatments from My Personal Sanctuary!