Jordans Mill Biggleswade

A trip to Jordan’s Mill. @JordansMill.


Just 20 minutes away from #WonderFullershill is Holme Mill, Biggleswade. This was run by the Jordan family since 1855.

The mill was closed in 2000, but has since been recreated as a museum and visitor centre together with a restaurant, coffee bar organic herb and vegetable garden as well as a wild meadow. The mill stream runs around the mill and away past the visitor centre.

The mill burnt down in 1899 and the family restored the mill making it state of the time. The water wheel was changed to a water turbine, increasing the power produced and the mill stones were removed and replaced with a roller mill. The mill had an output of 1t of flour per hour.

Entrance to the mill museum is £2.50 and an option for a guided tour is available. The mill is in full working order and during the tour the sluices are opened to that you are able to see the machinery working, although wheat is not milled.

In the 1980s the Jordan family established its whole foods business and began to develop and make the range of products that we are now so familiar with.

John Jordan, who ran the family business from the many years had a keen interest in aviation and motorsport. He served during WW2 as a pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary, delivering aircraft to the front line squadrons. He continued his interest in flying after the war and shipped a Boeing Stearman from the states for a crop spraying business. He later used this aircraft for flying displays throughout the country. On occasions he took a passenger in the old spray tank and preformed aerobatics even though his passenger had no seat belts!!!

John Jordan kept his aircraft here at #WonderFullershill for many years and was a great friend of our family. John had a wide network of friends, as recently proved when about 5 years ago John Jefferies found his old Sunbeam motorbike in the garage of a mutual friend in Yorkshire. The bike is fully restore and exhibited at Classic Motorbike shows. Something that John Jordan would have loved to see.

A trip to @JordansMill is a very worthwhile use of a morning when staying at #WonderFullershill, not least as the food in the riverside cafe is excellent. It would also form part of a lovely day out in Bedfordshire………more to follow in further blogs.