Why not arrive to your wedding venue or special event in supreme style, and experience the unforgettable thrill of flying in a helicopter?!

Helicopters are one of the most flexible and efficient methods of travel across the UK and into Europe.
Whether you are traveling on business, treating yourself to a weekend away, going to watch a major sporting event, or you are getting married, traveling by helicopter is the ultimate way to travel.
At Fuller’s Hill Cottages we have all the facilities to accommodate helicopters and light aircraft and we can help you arrange to plan your visit and other special requests.


FreshAir Uk can provide you with a helicopter and pilot from only £1500 (exc VAT).

You will experience the luxury of a fully flexible helicopter charter UK programme and charter throughout the rest of the world. You’ll benefit from their meticulous planning and personal attention to detail which sets them apart from other competitors.
Safety is paramount and all aircraft are regularly maintained and inspected to stringent civil aviation standards. FreshAir is a family business, who’s Directors and their families travel frequently, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that they would only charter to their clients a helicopter that meets their own high personal standards.
For further information please contact Jenny Jefferies on 07544 208959 or via email via our contacts page or alternatively please contact FreshAir UK directly and speak to Leon Harris on 07595 411145 or via email at leon.harris@freshair-uk.com.
Please note that Little Gransden Airfield at Fuller’s Hill Cottages and most other venues will require prior arrangement and/or special permission to land helicopters in their grounds.
For further information regarding Little Gransden Airfield at Fuller’s Hill Cottages, please contact Mark Jefferies on 07785 538317.