Harvest has begun at Fuller’s Hill Cottages!

Cottages on a working farm


Combine Harvester harvesting wheat on Fuller's Hill Farm

Combine Harvester harvesting wheat on Fuller’s Hill Farm

Harvest is in full swing at Fuller’s Hill Cottages at the moment having started on Monday 28th July. Barry is working on the combine harvester (a New Holland CX8090 which is called Holly), travelling up and down the fields all day long until the late hours. Barry is now in his 54th year of driving the combine at Fuller’s Hill Farm.  Giel is transporting the wheat grain to the farmyard and empties the trailer onto the concrete pad in the farmyard. From there, John moves the wheat with the tele-handler. It is either loaded onto lorries that take the wheat to Camgrain, a farmers central storage co-operative that stores over 500,000 tons of Eastern Anglian crops, or loaded into the grain stores on the farm.

Harvest at Fuller's Hiill CottagesThere are a few different varieties of wheat grown on the farm this season; Solstice, and Cordiale are milling varieties that go into the Sainsbury’s supply chain via Camgrain.  The wheat is used by Sainsbury’s to make into loaves of bread, so the next time you pop into Sainsbury’s, be sure to purchase a couple of ‘Taste The Difference’ bread loaves. It may just contain a tiny bit of Jefferies Farming Partners’ wheat.

Seed wheat which is also grown, which is processed by seed merchants and distributed across the country for next seasons crops. Finally hard feed wheat which can also be used for human consumption if the quality is good enough, which should be the case this year.

Harvest at Fuller's Hill Cottages 2At the moment, the harvest seems to be exceptional, both in terms of yield and quality. The spring and summer has provided absolutely ideal growing conditions for the crops. But there is still about 10 days harvesting to go and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that the sun remains shining strongly in the sky.

Photos by Kristen Meister and Clare Parkinson.