Fullers Hill Cottages has geese on its pond

Fullers Hill geese

Water Bound - the first swim - The geese aka 9th, Battalion hatched into this world on 24th, July in North Norfolk.  They then started their 2 hour journey home to Fullers Hill Cottages, on the front seat of the car chirping away to their new surrogate mum, who was chatting back to them.  If they got slightly cold, they were gently placed within the bosom of surrogate mummy to warm up.  Not sure if that is a driving offense or not!

Once safely home at Fullers Hill, the luxury surrounding under the heat lamp, sharing the chicken coup, they found very cosy.  After three weeks of nurturing and all creature comforts, it was time for the 9th, Batallion to explore the big outdoors.  They took great delight in watching their Surrogate mum trying to put up poultry fencing to secure big bad Mr Fox didn’t get them.

Next to explore was the amazing paddling pool, as 9th, Batallion had to learn how to swim. So much fun they had.  Ducking their heads under, swimming write under the water.  Once they all had their waterproof feathers it was time to explore the great pond at The 1840 Barn, which is situated next to Fullers Hill Cottages, this became a venture in itself.  Being led by Surogate mum, with her broom, just in case to fend off any attackers or keep us in order!!  Out of the garden gate, across the path, along Fullers Hill Farm yard which is in turn fantastic fun, as we can then use this as our own privateDrying out on the banks of Fullers Hill Farm pond Lt Gransden Airfield runway to take off and stretch our wings.  We are then nicely place next to Fullers Hill Pond, with our food, and a hand made ramp, to spend our time swimming, preening, sunbathing, sleeping and eating.

All visitors that find accommodation at Fullers Hill Cottages, or visit The 1840 Barn are sure to see us.  Then at the end of the day before it gets dark, we make our way back to the garden, to be safely enclosed with the chickens & shut in the coup so no predators attack us.