Four Counties Bike Ride

One warm evening in May the bikes roared into action, leaving Fullers Hill Cotages for a quick loop around the local lanes. the aim was to find quiet roads, bends and the odd straight.
John lead the way on his Suzuki GSX 650F, followed by Paul on a BMW GS 1150 and Trevor riding a beautiful Ducati S4 Monster.
Our route took us south, through Hatley, Shingay cum Wendy, past the South farm Wedding venue and onto to Abington Piggots and Litlington. A quick flick through Royston town centre and out east towards Barley, making the most of the Barley straight. the road from Barley to Wendens Ambo is a delight. The road snakes left and right, up and down over hills and crests through the hidden picturesque delight of the North Essex countryside. A world away from the Basildon and the other Essex towns.
From  Wendens Ambo we headed to The Coach and Horses at Newport for our pre-planned stop for pie and mush. Arriving within a second of the planned 1945hr meal.
After supper and a few bikers tales we resumed, once again south before making the break west for home. A quick fuel stop in Buntingford and further west along the A507 before we headed north through Rushden and onto Ashwell. As darkness approached we were back on home turf as we passed through Wrestlingworth and Cockanye Hatley before we made our final stop for the evening in The Cock in Gamlingay for a well earned pint.
Apart from the lush green countryside our trip took us into 4 counties (Cambs, Herts, Essex and Beds). We saw rabbits, Hares, Buzzards, Roe Deer, Muntjac Deer and some stubborn ducks who were more than happy to sit in the middle of the road. Along the way we also saw Archers, Golfers, Rugby players and Morris Dancers.
The return route from Fullers Hill Cottages was about 65 miles and can equally be done with or without an engine on you bike. Other than about 1 mile of dual carriage way the route is entirely country lanes with very little traffic. The choice of excellent pubs along the way include:
The Pig and Abbott at Abington Piggots
The Fighting Cocks at Newport
The Cricketers Arms at Clavering
We are very motorbike friendly accommodation so if you would like to stay with us with your bike(s), we can offer good advice on where to go and what to do. Please give us a call! 07544 208959.
John Jefferies