Electric Vehicle (EV)charge point at Fullers Hill Cottages

32 Amps EV Charge point.

You can be as smug as you like, you can drive 100% carbon neutral charging from our 50kw solar panels. We offer residents of the cottages free of charge EV top ups here at Fullers Hill Cottages. Pictured here is the Nissan LEAF. This comes in 2 charge versions, 32 amps and 16 amps. 

Most EV cars on the market today are 16 amps charge, however to future proof our installation we have chosen to go with the 32 amps power source. 

While the sun shines we are 100% carbon neutral along with putting “green energy” into the national grid. We do this with 50,000 watts of solar panels powering a ground source heat pump for all the properties needs. 

Solar panels basically work by producing electric at the junction or joining faces of 2 different materials, in this case silicone. One side coated with Boron creating a positive charge, the other with phosphorus. Simply put, a solar panel works by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels actually comprise many, smaller units called photovoltaic cells., add these together many times and you get usable voltages and current. A similar process between different metals will also produce voltage. A thermocouple. Another source of power is a lemon but this is not very practical. Read more here.  

Our heat pump is operating from four bore holes for the heat pump each go down to 100 meters (330ft) deep. That was quite a task drilling down through various levels of soils. Typically we are on grade 2 clay (farming speak) however various layers of sand were found, one at approximately 80 meters. This method is referred to as a bore hole ground source heat pump.

Helping with our green credentials and reducing power consumption, heavy investment was made in using very highly efficient insulation materials throughout the complex, this in turn reduces greatly the power required for heating. 

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Long live the planet!