Dog policy

Fullers Hill Cottages Pet Dog policy


Here at Fullers Hill Cottages we welcome well-behaved dogs and responsible owners. However we ask you to follow a few basic guidelines:


  1. Please keep your dog off the furniture and beds. Please keep your dog out of the bedrooms, off bedroom rugs and off carpeted areas.
  2. Please bring your own dog bed and bedding. We can provide these if required but your dog will be more familiar with its own bed. We are also able to provide dog crates upon request.
  3. If your dog is used to sleeping on the sofa at home, then please bring a clean blanket or throw to cover the sofa whilst staying here at Fullers Hill.
  4. Please do not allow your dog to trample over and damage garden plants.
  5. Please keep your dog on a lead in the farmyard and on the airfield. When you are in more open country please do let your dog off its lead if you wish.
  6. Please clean up after your dog and dispose of the poop bag in the black refuse bins.
  7. Dogs should not be left on their own in any apartment, except with prior arrangement, and then only in a crate. Dog walkers are available on request (extra charge)


All visiting dogs are given a complimentary Bob and Lush luxury dog treat gift pack.