Blue Bells and Orchids at last

The Blue Bells and Orchids are here finally.

With the long winter finally over spring is here, dappled sunlight shining on the blue bells in Waresley and Gransden woods just 1 km walk from Cambridge Holiday Cottages at Fullers Hill Farm, Lt Gransden. Today (16th May) all the blue bells are up with the lower flowers open and the upper buds opening. The views and scent in the woods is stunning. The bluebell may be regarded as the United Kingdom’s “favourite flower”

Also in the woods you will find the common spotted orchid, not so common but it’s there amongst the blue bells.

Red campion near Cambridge Holiday CottagesRed campion can also be found on the paths leading to the woods.This flower is unscented, male and female flowers are on separate plants. The nectar of the flowers is important and utilised by bumblebees and butterflies, and several species of moth feed on the foliage early in the year.Path from Fullers Hill Cottages

Many paths through the woods are bordered by wild flowers, towards Gransden running along the brooks path are primroses. In many places honey suckle climbs the trees.Orchid-near-cambridge-holiday-cottages Along the brook path you will find a massive badger set.

The Common Spotted-orchid is found in various places in the wood but mostly is to the south side of the woods borders. Its commonly occurring species of Eurosiberian orchid. It is widely variable in colour and height, ranging from 15 to 60 cm in height.  The flower colour can vary from pale purple with purple spots to white, a symmetrical pattern of dark purple loops or dots and dashes. Typical habitats are, variously across the range, conifer, beech and chestnut forests, moderately wet meadows, bogs and margins of streams.