Old Warden near Biggleswade

Shuttleworth Collection at Old WardenShuttleworth Collection Biggleswade

The Shuttleworth Collection depicts the history of flight from the early 1900 to the 1950’s and shows how the aircraft operated in the pioneering years, was rapidly developed through necessity during World War I, was used for sport, pleasure and business in the 1920s and 30s and once again became a fighting machine in World War II.

The Collection is situated at Shuttleworth (Old Warden) Aerodrome, one of the few traditional all grass aerodromes still in regular use, (which is part of Old Warden Park Estate) and is displayed in eight hangars, which include a workshop hangar giving the visitor a chance to view restoration and maintenance in progress. There is also a vehicle section, displaying vintage and veteran motorcycles, cars and bicycles and from a bygone era. There is also a coach room with horse drawn carriages. The rural surroundings help to recreate a charismatic atmosphere and the feeling of stepping back in time to the 1920s/30s.

Air displays are held every month in the summer months with different themes.  Also just behind the collection are the Swiss Gardens who have just received £2.800,000 for there restoration.