Flowers Are Blooming at Fullers Hill Cottages

Some wonderful Clematis and tulips are blooming at Fullers Hill Cottages (Near Gamlingay), as seen in these pictures.

The Clematis, otherwise known as Old man’s beard, Traveller’s joy or Virgin’s bower, is by the main entrance to the cottages’ car park and is about 10 feet high. Did you know that Clematis is from the Buttercup family and is mainly of Japanese and Chinese origin?

The Clematis is growing on the former wash house dating back to the 1800’s. In the laundry room used to be a big, metal urn with a fire underneath to heat the water when washing by hand.

Cathy Jefferies does the gardening on the farm and for the cottages. Tulips are just coming towards the end of their growth period but are still looking stunning and very bright and colourful.

The white tulips are in the communal gardens belonging to the cottages which also feature a hot tub, a BBQ, a circular patio with a picnic table that seats eight and another picnic table that seats 6. This provides our guests with a lovely, sociable space to enjoy, that Cathy has specially created.

Besides the communal garden, The Tack Room comes with its own beautiful, private and secluded garden, which also has a BBQ for the better weather. It currently has some wonderful purple tulips.  There is also a beautiful millstone in the same garden It is one of a pair of stones, which when working together, were used to grind locally grown grain into flour.  The other old millstone that is beside Fullers Hill Farm cottages is not originally from the farm site but from a windmill at nearby Gamlingay that was demolished in 1977.

We very much welcome future guests a show-around so that you may view what we have on offer. Please contact Jenny on 07544 208959 for more details, a visit or to make a booking.