IWM Duxford

Spitfire from Duxford IWM Duxford, just 12 miles drive from Fullers Hill Cottages is a famous former First and Second World War airfield. Take a whole day wandering under and around some of the most iconic aircraft in the world. IWM Duxford is home to an impressive collection of over two hundred aircraft some set in wartime scenes, other undergoing maintenance for coming air displays as well as many tanks, military vehicles, missiles, submarines and boats.

An original 1917 Belfast hangar hosting the Battle of Britain exhibition contrasts dramatically with the remarkable architecture of the American Air Museum, designed by contemporary British architects Foster and Partners.

Duxford airfield was the setting for the iconic film “Battle of Britain” filmed in 1969 and directed by Guy Hamilton, and produced by Harry Saltzman. The film endeavoured to be an accurate account of the Battle of Britain, when in the summer and autumn of 1940 the British RAF inflicted a strategic defeat on the Luftwaffe and so ensured the cancellation of Operation Sea Lion – Adolf Hitler’s plan to invade Britain. The film is notable for its spectacular flying sequences, echoing those seen in Angels One Five (1952) but on a far grander scale than had been seen on film before; these made the film’s production very expensive.

Opened in 2007, AirSpace tells the story of British and Commonwealth aviation. Its Aircraft Hall is home to over 30 aircraft including an iconic Spitfire, a legendary Lancaster and the fastest-ever Concorde.

Closing the air show season for 2012, the Autumn Air Show presents a thrilling aerodynamic show with a relaxed end-of-season atmosphere featuring aircraft past and present.

One of the highlights of the Autumn Air Show will be a display by P-51 Mustang Ferocious Frankie alongside Spitfire IX from the Old Flying Machine Company, presenting the might of the Merlin engine in these legendary American and British fighter aircraft. Also flying will be North American TF-51 Mustang Miss Velma from The Fighter Collection.

These thrilling displays commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the Merlin-engined Mustang, a pivotal moment in aviation history.

We kindly inviting you to rent one of our holiday cottages, explore areas around including this outstanding museum at Duxford airfield so near by.