A walk to Waresley woods from cambridge holiday cottages

Waresley woods

Waresley wood main ride just 3/4 mile from Fullers Hill CottagesThe beautiful and ancient Waresley Wood is about 3/4 mile to the north of Fullers Hill Cottages.

The woods are truly stunning regardless of which season, month or day you visit. Each occasion is uniquely different. In a winter storm the trees talk as the creek and clatter into each other. In the summer the woods provide cool dark shelter from the hot sun. In the autumn the woods contain so much colour and fruit. In the spring the woods are alive with fresh green colours of the new season leaf and are carpeted by the stunning bluebells.

The woods at Waresley are also home for many rare flowers. It is a stronghold for the Oxslip. Primroses flourish in the  wood. Rare Orchids can be found.

Cambridge holiday cottages a short walk to the woodsThe woods are currently facing one of their biggest threats for decades. The newly discovered Ash Dieback disease is offering the wood it’s biggest challenge since the majority of it was felled for timber in the 1920’s.  about half of the trees in the wood are Ash. The balance are Oak and Birch. There also many many stools of ancient coppiced Hazel. I can also find species the names of which I have no idea whatsoever. Four magnificent examples of a mystery tree stand massively tall adjacent to the ford in the centre of the wood.

If you are staying at Fullers Hill Cottages (also known as Cambridge Country Cottages), the the woods a just a short walk away. Just cross the airfield and follow the farm tracks to the south east corner. Take the centre of the 3 small  paths that you find in front of you. Follow this to the junction of the 2 main rides (tracks). Take the small path on your right. This will take you past a huge Badger set and into the centre of the wood. You will then find the brook that runs through the middle of the wood. However, in the spring, take a right turn just past the Badger set. This path takes you to the north east corner of the wood where the most stunning carpet of bluebells await you.

The wood is also stunning in the deep of winter after a snow storm.

John Jefferies



Oxlip in Waresley woodsBluebells in Waresley woodsBlue bell in Waresley woods